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A consciousness athlete is someone who is conditioning their body’s nervous system to achieve and sustain heightened states of consciousness by systematically removing the abstacles in their energy field that keeps
them from feeling connected with a loving intelligence that connects us all.

“Everything is Possible. Take Every Chance. Drop Every Fear.”

Consciousness Athletes

What makes us different is biofeedback and your 

Many times people attend spiritual workshops and feel a temporary boost of mood, but within a relatively short time suffering often resumes, sometimes worse. Because they don’t understand the mechanism for why they felt better, they are unable to sustain well-being in daily life.Until people are given the owners manual of their nervous system through biofeedback training, their happiness remains strongly influenced by the capricious fate of their lives.

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About Bethany 

For over 27 years, Ms. Gonyea has invited people to invoke the power of focused healing intention to facilitate health and well being during hundreds of private and public biofeedback sessions.

Biofeedback is essentially the art and science of intention, and it continually demonstrates through objective instrumentation that our minds have an immediate and profound impact inside our bodies.

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