Do You Have A Broken Heart Or an Expanding Heart?

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Why Beauty is Strength!

I have studied from top teachers around the globe on manifestation, healing, and consciousness, but one of the greatest spiritual lessons I have ever learned is that beauty is strength. It was shown to me that not only does beauty yield strength, but we wither when we don’t experience enough beauty in our lives.

We can experience our bodies becoming more vital in the presence of beauty by trying this simple experiment. Find a small barbell, 5-20 lbs. Do two bicep curls by lifting the weight for two repetitions. Take a moment to assess how easy or hard that was. How did it feel, and where did you feel it?

Now, pause for a moment and bring your mind’s awareness to your greatest enemy, regret, or struggle. Let the conflict rise to the top of your consciousness.

Now lift the same weight for two reps. How does it feel? Do you feel weaker? If you have a healthy mind-body connection that enables you to feel your body’s subtleties, you will. The fidelity of the mind-body connection is so strong that we can not focus on a struggle without our physical body weakening.

As Consciousness Athletes, we are training ourselves to maintain a beautiful environment in our minds and hearts at all times, so we remain strong. We have become convicted that we must keep our internal well full of goodwill and sweetness so that we have the reserves required to face serious challenges in our lives with honor and dignity.

When we face challenges by searching for beauty first, we access the maximum internal resources within us, ensuring we respond more appropriately and creatively. We know that if we are not focusing on something that gives us strength, we will weaken, which dramatically reduces our efficacy.

Searching for beauty is counterintuitive in dire circumstances. However, as Consciousness Athletes, we have gained command over our nervous system to override our resistance. We seek to find the light of beauty in the darkest places because we know it will sustain us to continue.

This discipline of finding beauty in struggle enables us to look back at some of the most difficult parts of our lives and smile because we did not cave in on ourselves during crises. Instead, we maintained space for beauty and drew from its strength when it revealed itself. This discipline also shows us that our lives are far more delicately beautiful than we would have ever noticed without this practice.

The Sense of Being Stared At: What does it really mean?

Have you ever pulled up to a stoplight and discover as find your head slowly turning and you discover someone has been staring at you?

Have you ever been staring at others without their knowledge and then find them turn to look you straight in your eyes?

Have you ever had someone attracted to you view you up and down, and you felt uncomfortable?

These experiences are not as uncommon as you may imagine. Biologist and author Dr. Rupert Sheldrake has done extensive research on this phenomenon and found that 70-97% of people have had this experience. He also found that women (88%) experience it significantly more than men (71%).

What is happening inside of us when we find ourselves turning around and suddenly find someone staring at us? 

No one can describe exactly how this phenomenon occurs, but any energy healer or practitioner understands it well because they consciously use it to perform their work. They know that when they direct their conscious awareness into someone else’s body, there will be a change in that person’s body. By focusing their mind’s intention toward healing, they can often invite the body of their client to follow. Research studies have measured that we don’t even need to be close to someone to observe this phenomenon. Distance intention studies have shown that healers can influence all sorts of items, including cells, plants, and even people, at a distance.

Why is this important to know? Because our minds are always “landing” in the situations in our lives and profoundly influencing them. But if we think our minds are impotent, we don’t realize each thought either significantly helps or hurts conditions. We do not realize how we make our lives much worse by allowing our minds to run amok! An undisciplined mind is like a wrecking ball in a china shop. It causes all sorts of situations to shatter unnecessarily. The clean-up from such destruction can take years!

In the Consciousness Athlete curriculum, we learn to no longer think of the mind as impotent, but as the formidable force it is. We learned to discipline our minds by observing it’s powerful impact on our bodies. After watching how our minds have a significant impact, we realize we must use it well! We are no longer able t to hide or pretend that our mind does not have power. We also learn to no longer to surrender this control to anyone else but ourselves. Instead, we anchor our minds in our bodies so that we no longer have to suffer the messy consequences of a meandering mind.

It all starts with observing our mind-body connection when we learn how to use this power of the mind to influence our physicality to make us feel more at home in our bodies, which simultaneously makes us feel more at home in our lives. 

Eventually, we learn how to use the power of our minds not only how to positively influence our own lives but also to enhance the world around us. When we start to play at this level, we realize that it is much more fun and practical to direct our mind’s impact into constructive directions skillfully, and we never feel as disempowered again. We may struggle when we face a new challenge, but as we progress, we learn to find the mental poise that impacts the situation favorably quickly, and life becomes far more enjoyable!