Albany Peace Project

The Albany Peace project started in 2013 with a group of dedicated meditators who wanted to inspire a city to meditate.  After three years, many strides have been made.  Meditation has been introduced to over two dozen schools in the Albany, NY area, with many of the school stopping 2-3 times a day to have “mindful moments.”  The Albany Peace Project message has been presented to the Albany Medical Center, Albany Law School, and Albany Police Officers are learning how to stop 3 times a day to become coherent.

The goal is to gain 3000 committed meditators to send peaceful intentions to the city of Albany in 2018.

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The Inspiration For The Research

Summary of the Albany Peace Project


 Do you ever want to make a difference in the world,
but feel too tired and overwhelmed? 

Do you ever watch the news and feel discouraged that you can’t change it?

Do you often feel stressed and trapped with life’s challenges?

Then learn how to overcome all these challenges by participating in the third annual Albany Peace Project!  The Albany Peace Project is a 10 year research study designed to determine if an organized group of trained meditators creating a peaceful “coherent state” in their bodies and then focusing these peaceful intentions outwardly can measurably reduce local violence.  Our hypothesis is that focused peaceful intention has a real world impact, and dozens of other research studies suggest it as well.  We are gathering data to determine if this approach can positively impact the city of Albany, NY.

Not only does achieving a coherent state dramatically enhance the lives of individuals, but it has remarkable applications for the workplace.  As individuals achieve a coherent state, they are much more likely to work better in groups.

The Albany Peace Project (APP) team is currently working toward gathering 2,500 participants to meditate/pray/focus to achieve coherence together for 15 minutes a day for the month of January 2016 while sending peaceful intentions to the City of Albany.  Simultaneously, research will be conducted to record any favorable changes in the Albany, NY crime rates.

Research Protocol

Albany Peace Project team, lead by founder, Bethany Gonyea, MS and State University of Albany Mathematics professor, Karin Reinhold, PhD,  are drawing inspiration for their research protocol from the Maharishi University and from the impressive research team of Lynn Mctaggert, author of  The Intention Experiment.   To  date, dozens of studies have been performed, many published in peer reviewed journals, that suggests when a relatively small amount of people meditate there appears to be a corresponding calming of the entire population.  (See a brief summary is listed below)

For the past two years, we have been fortunate to be collaborating with the Institute of HeartMath which has graciously approved use of their evidence-based Heart Lock-In Technique.®   This state of the art mind-body tool leads the body-mind into a state known as Coherence, which facilitates synchronization between the heart and brain.  Coherence is a “sweet spot” in your nervous system, and Institute of Heartmath’s emWave instrument provides reliable feedback to individuals to help them achieve and sustain a coherent state.   The coherent pattern is characterized by its regular, sine-wave-like waveform, as contrasted to the irregular, jagged wave form of frustration.

HR Changing

When this state of coherence is maintained, it allows individuals to distinguish between the voice in the head, often the critical voice, and the one in the heart, where positive feelings of love, caring, and appreciation originate.  Learning how to “think” from the heart quickly transforms individuals in ways they may never have dreamed possible. Learn the steps of the Heart Lock-In technique in the powerful book The HeartMath Solution, by Doc Childre and Howard Martin or purchase an emWave device to be sure you are in coherence by clicking here

How The Albany Peace Project Will Add To This Inspiring Research…

The Albany Peace Project is a landmark historic effort.  It is the first time that a city has organized from grass roots to invite people of all different  religion, political and socioeconomic backgrounds to come together and simply contemplate and intend the common goal of peace.

Not just talk about peace…but become peace.

The Albany Peace Project has been created with the acknowledgement that not all faiths or political parties can agree on doctrine or political strategies,  but they can certainly agree to employ focused healing intentions to reduce human suffering.

Political pundits can talk about peace, but how well are they actually doing?   As hard as governing officials may work for the peace, they still need our support to help change the hearts and minds of people.  Because until we shift as individuals, we will not shift as a whole.   Establishing peace is work that needs to be done “by the people for the people,” which means we need participation from caring citizens such as yourself to do this incredibly empowering and promising research.  

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.  Albert Einstein

  Research demonstrates that when people become coherent, they become more empathetic, which enables them to more easily make wise and compassionate choices not only for themselves, but for the people around them.

We need to become the peace before we can beckon peace.    How  else will peace be accomplished unless we ourselves become peaceful, and from that peaceful state allow a greater compassionate wisdom to emerge?

Can this actually work? There is a growing amount of evidence to suggest it will and time is of the essence.  Have you seen the news lately?   Your participation is incredibly important both for ourselves and the next generation.  How grateful our children will be when we leave them this research?   This project will literally “make history” by empowering people to realize that how we focus our intentions influences what we experience.

But, We can’t do this research without your help.  

Research suggests there is a “dosage effect”…which means we need a large enough “dose” of people participating before we will see a corresponding calming result.  What is that percentage?  We are not sure, we think at least 1%, but only time will tell.  That is why this is a 10 year research study.  We need to teach and train many many people.

Please tell your friends and family about taking advantage of this unique opportunity.  If you think of any other tools we can offer, please send your suggestions to, and LIKE AlbanyPeaceProject on Facebook and let us know you are there.

Help us encourage 2500 participants to take charge of their own health, by teaching people how to lead their own nervous system into states of much greater health and well-being, while simultaneously reducing the suffering of complete strangers…it is a Win-Win!

Thank you for your interest and support!

The Albany Peace Project Team

Sampling of Studies Suggesting that Collective Meditation Corresponds With a Calming Effect On The Entire Population

One Example: Transcendental Meditation Research Organization

Washington D.C.:    June 7th – July 30th in 1993

For two months during the summer of 1993, up to 4000 people meditated twice a day.     The maximum decrease in violent crime was 23.3% and it occurred when the the meditation group size was largest during the final week of the project.

As the number of meditators increased throughout the 8 weeks, violent crimes decreased


Source: Social Indicators Research, 47(2): 153-201

More Examples: Similar studies document a correlation between when a small percentage of people meditating lowered violence on the entire geographical population.  They have been published in the following prestigious journals:

Journal of Conflict Resolution, 34, 756-768 (1990);   32(4), 776-812 (1988)

Journal of Mind and Behavior, 9(4), 457-486 (1988);   8,(1), 67-104 (1987)

Psychological Reports, 76, 1171-1193(1995)

Journal of Offender Rehabilitation, 36 (1-4), 283-302 (2003)

Psychology Crime and Law 2(3), 165-174 (1996)

Journal of Social Behavior and Personality, 17(1): 285-338 (2005)

Journal of Crime and Justice, 4 25-45 (1981)

Social Indicators Research, 47,153-201. (1999);  22, 399-418 (1990).

Journal of the Iowa Academy of Science 95(1),1 (1988)

9/11 Peace Experiment on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11

  • Participants from 75 countries, from Iceland to Brazil, from California to Indonesia, and also every Arab country on the planet sent peaceful intentions to reduce violence in Afghanistan
  • From 9/11/11 to 9/18/11 participants all over the globe spend 15 minutes sent positive intentions, specifically to the southwest corner of Afghanistan, Helmand and Kandahar

Results Recorded: Decrease In Civilian Casualties In Afganistan

2011 Month

#Civilians Killed

% Drop In Deaths Compared to Prior Month 

% Drop in Deaths Compared to Average Death Rate for 28 Months Prior






22% fewer deaths

10% fewer deaths



14% fewer deaths

23% fewer deaths



30% fewer deaths

26% fewer deaths

Decrease In Attacks By The Taliban In The Specific Areas In Afghanistan that were chosen to receive Peaceful Intentions (Helmand and Kandahar)

Month                             % Decrease In Attacks Compared To The Same Month in 2010

September                    790% Decrease in Attacks

October                         500% Decrease in Attacks

November                    400% Decrease In Attacks

The NATO led security mission in Afganistan that was formed in 2001, The International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) reported this time as the “longest sustained downward trend in enemy-initiated attacks recorded by ISAF” (since 2001).  Source: UN and NATO Reports

For Further Reference:

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8.23.18 Lynne McTaggart, Author, The Intention Experiment – Part 1

Mary Clare O’Conner is owner operator of Yoga Bliss on the boulevard in Schenectady, NY.  Peace Project volunteers started offering free meditations for peace open to the public in Schenectady every Thursday evening at 6:00 PM at “Bliss”.    Many of the volunteers feel that those efforts were the foundation of a successful Schenectady peace project.  Mare Clare’s willingness to seat a home for the peace project in Schenectady has made a world of difference.   She also worked hard to reach out to local city officials and start the dialogues with city hall as well.

In this interview with Lynne McTaggart, we speak about the power of intention, how our thoughts truly do influence the world around us Lynne.  As Lynne says, “Thoughts are things that influence things,”  She reminds us how important it is that we are specific with our intentions regarding our actual needs.   She tells us that when people have problems with using intention, it is most often because they have not been specific enough.

Lynne is an amazingly inspiring speaker as she is an award-winning journalist and the author of seven books, including her latest book, The Power of Eight, and the worldwide bestsellers The Field, The Intention Experiment and The Bond, all considered seminal books of the New Science and now translated into 30 languages.  She is consistently voted one of the world’s top 100 spiritual leaders for her ground-breaking work with consciousness and the power of intention, and she’s chiefly known for the quality of her writing and in-depth research.

All events are free and open to the public

7:00 Am Yoga Bliss – Meditation

12:00 PM Gateway Park – Meditation

12:00 Union College – Meditation

12:30 Schenectady City Hall – Meditation

12:00 pm, Vale Urban Farm – Meditation for Peace in Schenectady

3:30 Coburg Village

5:00 PM – YWCA – Meditation for peace in Schenectady

5:30 Urban Co-Works, 433 State St, Schenectady, NY

6:00 Schenectady Public Library

6:00 Johnny’s State Street, 433 State Street, NY  – Schenectady Peace Project CELEBRATION with the fabulous and fun Grand Central Station Band who have been gracious enough to do another “Pennies for Peace” fundraiser for the Schenectady Peace Project efforts….Come out and play with us!  You might even get to play cowbell!!!








If you cant make it, you may want to increase your coherence by watching this classic Saturday Night Live skit with Will Farrel and Christopher Walken…Warning…don’t yell out “more cowbell” unless you are ready to have someone hand it to you!

“I have a fever, and the only prescription is more cowbell!” Click here to watch Saturday Night Live skit.
If you are passionate about this research, please consider supporting us to build out this website.

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8.24.18 Karin Reinhold, PhD – Lead Researcher for Resonant Peaceful Cities Project

8.24.18 Karin Reinhold, PhD – Lead Researcher for Resonant Peaceful Cities Project

It has been a delightful pleasure to work with Dr. Reinhold for the past several years.  As a professor of mathematics and statistics, she is aptly suited for this work.  Karin often quips that she is deeply committed to this work because it combines her two passionates Heart and Math…which is why she loves that we collaborate with the Institute of Heartmath.   Karin is a woman of many facets, including courageously exploring her own heart, acquiring the subtle nuances of Tango from her native country Argentina, and caring deeply that her university students obtain the mathematical understandings they need for success in their endeavors.

I have found that the more I live my mission, the more solutions appear before the problems.  Years ago, I started this project with Dr. John Foldy, PhD.  We had worked behind the scenes setting up our first peace project for a couple years.   Right before we launched he was diagnosed with cancer and unfortunately passed quickly and unexpectedly.  I never expected him to really pass, so I never worried about the future of the project.  Not for a second.  Simultaneously, people around town kept telling me about this math professor who liked the work of the Institute of Heartmath.  Eventually,  I reached out to Karin…and we have been having fun on this journey together ever since.  I am incredibly grateful to Dr. Foldy for his contribution to begin this project, and also, I have had so much fun taking this journey with Karin during the recent years.  She is a wise woman with a beautiful heart that shines through in all her endeavors.  She is looking forward to analyzing some data.  Let’s be sure we give her some good participation numbers!

All events are free and open to the public

7:00 Am Yoga Bliss – Meditation

12:00 PM Gateway Park – Meditation

12:00 Union College – Meditation

12:30 Schenectady City Hall – Meditation

12:00 pm, Vale Urban Farm – Meditation for Peace in Schenectady

3:30 Coburg Village

5:00 PM – YWCA – Meditation for peace in Schenectady

5:30 Urban Co-Works, 433 State St, Schenectady, NY6:00 Schenectady Public Library 

7:00 pm, Crystal Bowl Meditation, Crossroads Gifts & Wellness – Meditation for Peace in Schenectady Please help us finish our website to support other cities by donating here…

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8.25.18 Lynne McTaggart – Author, Power of 8 – Part 2

8.25.18 Lynne McTaggart – Author, Power of 8 – Part 2

We often make efforts to grow and expand our outreach and be as inclusive as possible, and we have often discussed that Millennials are a group that we would like to engage more.   This year a beautiful young woman, Florencia Tabarez  found her way to us and asked “Where is your Instagram page?”  Of course, we older folks had to tell her we didn’t have one…yet…and that she was welcome to start one….so she did!  35% of adult Millennials (Americans born between 1981 and 1996) are religiously unaffiliated, and often referred to as “Nones”   That does not mean their atheists, in fact 42% of them pray daily and 67% of the believe in life after death.  Flo’s spirituality graces everything she does and if Flo and her boyfriend are a representation of the heart of the next generation, we are in great hands!

In this interview, NY Times Best Selling author, Lynne McTaggart and I discuss research that documents how our minds have impact outside of our bodies, and Lynne cites one of my favorite studies, the “Love” study.  In the Love study, couples are separated in isolated rooms and wired to biofeedback instruments that objectively measure changes in their physiology when one partner sends loving intentions to the other!  That study objectively demonstrates that the loving intentions we send in the peace projects actually do “travel.”  Lynne also talks about her great forum to find  “Power of 8” groups that utilize the skill she outlines in her latest book, “The Power of 8” at Lynne has a lot of really great resources there, so you will want to check that out for sure!

We also covered another important topic that is very near and dear to my heart which is when people give up trying to use intention to enhance their lives because they feel it “failed” or it “didn’t work”.  Often, when I hear that someone tried to use intention but “gave up” due to a disappointment, my heart sinks for them.  As I said in the interview, I feel that giving up on intention is akin to letting go of “gold.”  Please always remember that intention is truly a skill, which is why we need to train like athletes to do it!!  Just like athletes improve playing their sports over time, or musicians become better performers after practicing their instrument for years, we, too, need to train like athletes for our bodies and minds to sustain the heightened states of consciousness that help facilitate more enjoyable manifestations.  We must have a disciplined mind in many skilled ways.  Learning mental discipline is key to reliable and repeatable intentional success.  We discuss many of these topics a lot in our Intentional Coherence Athlete course that will be starting Thursday September 27, 2018.  I will be doing a Facebook Live introduction to the course Intentional Coherence Athlete course work on Saturday Evening on September 15 at 6:00 EST.  Please like us on Facebook at Resonant Peaceful Cities to hear updates.

All events are free and open to the public

7:00 Am Yoga Bliss – Meditation

12:00 PM Gateway Park – Meditation

12:00 Union College – Meditation

12:00 Yoga Loft, Albany – Meditation

12:30 Schenectady City Hall – Meditation

12:00 pm, Vale Urban Farm – Meditation for Peace in Schenectady

3:30 Coburg Village

5:00 PM – YWCA – Meditation for peace in Schenectady

5:30 Urban Co-Works, 433 State St, Schenectady, NY6:00 Schenectady Public Library 

7:00 pm, Crystal Bowl Meditation, Crossroads Gifts & Wellness – Meditation for Peace in Schenectady Please help us finish our website to support other cities by donating here…

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8.26.18 Dr. Bruce Lipton, Author of Biology of Belief, 10 year edition

Annette Marblo is a new edition to our crew, and she is passionate about the mission of the Resonant Peaceful Cities Project!  When I asked her for a picture, she sent this one of her as a young woman and she wrote,  “I like that this 12 year old girl still is here.”  When I asked Annette why she was willing to donate so much of her time, she said that “my parents influenced me to believe in the power of the collective.”  I was so grateful to hear her say that because that is an underlying theme of our work.  Our research is research that needs to be done as I often say “For the people, by the people.”   We can’t “outsource” this work.  We may not agree on doctrine or politics, but we can come together and collectively vote with our hearts for peace, and circumvent those in charge that may have alternative agendas.    When we vote with peace in our hearts  together, we are much mightier than when we do it alone.


This was such a fun interview to do with NY Tines Best Selling Author, Dr. Bruce Lipton.  He was so gracious with his time, this interview lasted close to an hour!!!  Because it ran so long, I decided to wait and show this interview on a Sunday when people may have more leisure time.  In this interview, Dr. Bruce explains to us the moment he realized that we all must be immortal!  He came to this conclusion when he was observing how cells of an individual are influenced at a distance when stimulated miles away.  You need to watch the interview to learn more!

Dr. Bruce’s book, the The Biology of Belief,  was so successful that ten years later the publishers offered a new updated and expanded 10th anniversary edition of The Biology of Belief  that will forever change how you think. Stunning new scientific discoveries about the biochemical effects of the brain’s functioning show that all the cells of your body are affected by your thoughts. Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., a renowned cell biologist, describes the precise molecular pathways through which this occurs. Using simple language, illustrations, humor, and everyday examples, he demonstrates how the new science of epigenetics is revolutionizing our understanding of the link between mind and matter, and the profound effects it has on our personal lives and the collective life of our species.  Learn more about Dr. Bruce’s inspiring work by visiting.

Meditations for peace in Schenectady.  All events are free and open to the public

7:00 AM Yoga Bliss – Meditation for peace in Schenectady

10-2:00 pm Tabling at Schenectady Green market 

12:00 Gateway Park – Coherence Meditation for Peace in Schenectady

2:15 – Schenectady Public Library – Coherence Meditation for Peace in Schenectady

7:00 PMMeditation for peace in Schenectady

Are you ready to live an empowered life in real life?

We will be launching an online Intentional Coherence Athlete™ online course starting September 27.  This course will teach you about the power of becoming coherent and how it helps you to focus your mind like a laser to promote powerful change.  Biweekly online classes will help you apply the  intentional keys presented by Bethany in class, and then you will receive a meditation that will help you apply what you learned in class for yourself to manifest your desires in your own life, and also how to successfully beam intentions toward others.    You will not only learn the best skills to send intention, but you will also be able to receive intentions from others who are skillfully trained to keep their mind anchored in the positive as they are sending intentions. Our participants have reported, it is an incredible gift to receive intentions from fellow trained meditators,  and we have heard wonderful reports of how this work has changed people’s lives for the better.   To learn more please click here…

Also, if you are passionate about our work. Please consider donating, as we could greatly use funds to build out the website.  We have a big footprint to fill (the globe!) and we could definitely use more financial support.  Please consider donating by clicking here.

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