January 23

Albany Peace Project Day 23

Interview with Dr. Liz Love (Meditation is to the right of the interview)

FirstFrameMore about Dr. Liz Love:

Dr. Liz is a Chiropractor with an office in Clifton Park. She takes  the approach of a “health detective” in coaching her patients back to health and wellness.

She specializes in integrating traditional chiropractic with soft tissue and “non-force” techniques. She brings her more than 20 years experience to her practice in a highly individualized and intuitive way.

Initial consultations are free of charge. You can contact her by email at DrLiz4u@gmail.com or call her at 518-859-0079

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January 21

Albany Peace Project Day 21

Interview with Mary Sise: The 2nd of two fascinating interviews Bethany Gonyea conducted with Mary Sise

(The meditation video is to the lefto of this one. Also, scroll down for a helpful brain illustration)

Meditation for day 21 is led by Mary Sise (more info about Mary is below the video)

brain pic for Mary Sise interviewMore About Mary Sise:

Mary Sise is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with a private practice in Latham NY. In addition to being traditionally trained Mary integrates Energy Psychology Methods into her practice. She is the past president of the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology and co-author of the book, The Energy of Belief: Psychology’s Power Tools to Focus Intention & Release Blocking Beliefs, Mary is also the program director for Her Holiness Sai Maa’s Transformational Healers program, and teaches internationally on energy psychology, releasing negative beliefs, healing trauma, and the spiritual dimension of health and healing. www.MarySise.com.

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January 22

Welcome to Day 22 of the Albany Peace Project!

Interview #2 with Integrative Energy Practitioner, Carol Lovelee.
(Today’s meditation is below the interview and there’s more about Carol below the meditation with links to her websites)

Please Note: The Music accompanying the meditation is by Joe Mennonna and is available here: http://MeditationMusicNow.com

carol lovelee head shotMore About Carol Lovelee:
Carol Lovelee, MA is an Integrative Energy Practitioner in private practice with offices in Albany and Troy. She integrates her traditional psychotherapy training with a variety of energy techniques including Eden Energy Medicine, Matrix Energetics, Reiki, & EFT. Carol’s gift is her ability to focus on and help you release the physical and emotional pains and limitations that sap energy from your natural strength and well-being.

Carol is also the author of “Tears to Giggles” a book and included short videos that teach new parents how to use simple natural solutions to go from no sleep, to well-rested, from frazzled to grounded, and stressed to calm.

www.LoveEnergyWork.com and www.VibrantMamas.com

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January 25

Music by Joe Mennonna: http://MeditationMusicNow.com

pam head shotMore About Pam Lunz Medina
Pam Lunz Medina, Certified Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Thai Yoga Bodyworker

Founder of The Yoga Lily Clifton Park, NY

Pam Lunz Medina (Chandra) began her study of yoga 19 years ago to fulfill a college requirement. Little did she know, it would lead her to a new way of life, spiral her deep into her soul and spark a calling to share it with the world. She received her certification in 2006 at Satchidanada Ashram, where she assisted in teacher training.

She spent 2 years living without running water or electricity in the Ozark Mountains, which kindled a profound connection to the earth mother and meditative consciousness. Her solo journey through India lead her into many opportunities to teach, serve, and learn. During her free time she is an activist, writer, musician, wife, shamanic drummer, dancer, and soul adventurer. Her vision is for oneness to emerge through authentic expression of our creative life force.

Pam is said to be on the cutting edge of yoga teacher’s, not afraid to share or teach what many others refrain from. She has been trained in many healing arts and is the daughter of two interfaith ministers. Her father is a Reiki master. Her mother is a theologian. She has been blessed to be raised in an environment where spiritual energy is a reality.

Pam’s life-path calls her to quench the thirst of the soul for authentic truth, freedom of expression, and complete union. She became a Reiki practitioner at the age of 19, and began to study shamanism in her early twenties. She became an activist and community organizer during her college years and that momentum radiated into the southern Adirondacks. Pam was founded and organized The Living Earth Celebration and Pray For Peace in Glens Falls, NY after 9/11. She believes that now is the time to rise up, speak our truth (satya) and liberate our ourselves. In a world consumed with unfulfilling desires, yoga can help guide us to true happiness.
Burnt out from trying to change her outer world, she began to search for another way to experience peace. She discovered yoga, which eventually lead her to sacred ecology, a complete change of lifestyle. Originally certified in Integral Yoga, she continued her studies in Kundalini, Tantra, Meditation and Trance Dance. Her greatest joy is sharing with others the many tools she has been blessed with on her holy journey towards the endless within. She is the proud founder of The Yoga Lily.

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January 29

Music by Joe Mennonna, “Flow” from his Meditation Music Now CD

mark shepard guitar4-332x500More About Mark Shepard:

The Posi Award Winning Composer of “Together We Can Change The World” and the Albany Peace Project Theme Song, “Be The Change”, Mark Shepard understands the power of focusing the Mind.

For much of his life as a singer/songwriter Mark suffered from intense performance anxiety, social phobia and shyness until he discovered Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), which enabled him to release his shyness in literally 10 minutes. Passionately inspired by the rapid results he set out to learn everything he could about NLP and the related fields of Ericksonian Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy™. His intention was to use those tools to “get the 500 songs I’ve written out into the world where they could do some good.” In the process he discovered that assisting people to blast through their fears, phobia, trauma, habits and limiting beliefs was equally as meaningful and enjoyable. Many of his songs are linguistically structured to replace the usual toxic and negative self talk that we all walk around with.

He is the “Compulsive Songwriter In Residence” at Unity Church in Albany and Divine Harmony Spiritualist Church in Nyskayuna as well as Numinous.

Hear more of Mark’s songs at http://Positive-Songs.com

Learn more about his Hypnosis/NLP Practice at http://HypnosisAlbany.com

Learn more about Neuro Lingusitic Programming (NLP) Certification Trainings at http://ModernJedi.com

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January 26

Music by Joe Mennonna: http://MeditationMusicNow.com

rev_jimMore About Jim Fuller, minister of Unity Church in Albany.
He is a graduate of the Unity School of Christianity and an ordained Unity Minister. He has been serving Unity Church In Albany since January 2003. In his own words he says, “I would have to classify my spiritual beliefs as decidedly eclectic. During my adult life I participated in the Episcopal and Unitarian Universalist Churches, and even in one “New Age” type church. Each of these was helpful but eventually left me feeling that there must be something more. My spiritual quest eventually led me to Unity. And of course, my spiritual journey continues. I often tell people that my current theology is “there’s a lot more going on here than we have any idea about.” I am excited to explore that “more” and to support others in their exploration.

Jim leads a Wednesday Evening Meditation each week at 6:30 pm and was instrumental in creating a Sunday Evening Multi-Faith Music and Meditation Service which is form 6-7 pm every week. Regular services are at 9 and 11 am Sunday Mornings


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January 27

Albany Peace Project Day 27

Music by Joe Mennonna, “Flow” from his Meditation Music Now CD

More about Roger Mock:roger 100c750

There is a lot to Roger Mock – Unity Church Music Director, Graphic Designer, Visual Artist, Multi-Instrumentalist (Guitar, hammered dulcimer, mandolin, banjo), Songwriter, Guitar Teacher, Roger Mock brings more than a few talents to his calling.

Instrumental in creating Unity’s Sunday Evening Multi-Faith Music and Meditation Service (6 pm Sundays), Roger has recently integrated his many talents into a calling that is deeply congruent with his commitment to music, meditation and universal spirituality.


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January 30

satpremMore about Satprem:
“Satprem is since 35 years a well known meditation teacher, holistic healer and Master in her own right.
She came from India to share with us her experiences and teaches 108 meditation techniques from different sources.
Satprem received a secret initiation, 40 years ago by Lama Thubten Yeshe (Teacher of Lama Zopa Rinpoche), who recognized her as Tulku and gave the name “Yeshe Dolma”. A Tulku is a reincarnation with a rich spiritual development.
Satprem was a female Tibetan Lama,which she SAW in several visions.
Yeshe Dolma is the Prakna Tara expected by the Tibetans in this century to come and re-balance female and male energies “riding on a white horse with the flame of purification and transformation in her hands.” Also this vision she had repeatedly age 12 years till the puberty.
Other Masters with whom Satprem did grow, are Osho Rajneesh and H.W.L. Poonja (Advaita Vedanta). With both she meditated and learned at their Ashrams in India. Satprem is a seeker from early childhood on, to find who she is, as a female and spiritual Being. Her teachings involve and include lessons from this path.”


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January 28

Music by Joe Mennonna, “Flow” from his Meditation Music Now CD

Jackie Hawkins APP head shotMore about Jackie Hawkins:
After retiring from her job in the public sector, longtime Unity Church in Albany member, Jackie Hawkins was called to the ministry. She completed her studies last Spring and was ordained a Unity Minister. When she isn’t traveling as a speaker, she leads a weekly Sunday morning meditation circle between services 10:15-10:45 at Unity.


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