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Become a Consciousness Athlete is a biofeedback-science based meditation system and coaching program to expand your consciousness and accelerate daily happiness.  

This book, and the paired program, is the work product of Bethany Gonyea, MS and her lifelong pursuit of using biofeedback to bouy her clients nervous systems to experience blissful states of consciousness on demand.  This can be done at will using simple but powerful biofeedback techniques developed by Bethany over her 25+ years studying and applying biofeedback in her practice.

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Learn a scientifically based meditation practice developed over 25-years by Biofeedback Specialist, Bethany Gonyea to help practitioners buoy themselves into blissful states of consciousness.

Get Bethany’s book The Become a Consciousness Athlete and learn how this simple and effective program can be to help you achieve the best and highest within you.

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