Comments on the Consciousness Athlete Program

We have a lot of good stuff going on in our group. You are changing lives!:)

It was great to see Bob and Eve and the rest of the crew – what a great bunch of people

Beautiful meditation, Bethany. I wept many times. Perfect timing. Thank you so much! 

Really enjoying the meditation from the last class. VERY relevant to my life right now. Thanks!

Thanks, Bethany, for the opportunity to continue with this work. I’ve learned a great deal from you and also from each member of the group

I’ll miss every one of you and your insights and laughter. Bethany, our zoom sessions and meditations have been excellent—you have a wealth of knowledge and expertise. And the opportunity to send healing light and energy to each other has been wonderful.

Beautiful, Bethany!! Just love your class. Thanks for sharing. 

I am definitely on board with continuing our adventure together and hope everyone feels the same. This has been such a great learning experience and I know I have much more to gather from the group. 

Your program has helped me get clear and helped me focus on my essence, especially in the body and on my goals. I am grateful. I know our paths will cross again.

Many blessings

Thank you Bethany! I love what you are teaching. I Am looking forward to the next round of classes

Although now retired, I had worked many years in high-stress jobs. The infamous “burnout” had only been a matter of time. After a couple of years’ residency in the self-help aisle of a book store, I realized they were all offering the same narrative. Although helpful, something was missing. Something BIG!                                               

Bethany’s coaching incorporated the missing pieces.  She has a way of synthesizing large bodies of information together and offering it to us in smaller packets of information that helps us live each day with greater joy and ease.  She supports each class with a wealth of resources, including integrating findings in neuroscience with spirituality.   This information leads us to adeptly conquer the not-so-pleasant situations in our lives through greater knowledge of our nervous system. In doing so, we take control of our lives, improving our health, relationships, and most importantly, our union with the Universal Mind, or Consciousness. This may seem like a difficult or possibly boring endeavor- But it’s Not! Before class, Bethany likes to quip, “It’s time to have Fun!” She holds our interest through captivating, illustrative classes, thought-provoking discussions, group shares, and my favorite- her uniquely prepared, and always soul-touching, meditations. 

I know my introduction to Bethany and her work was not by happenstance. She was the guest speaker at an event I attended many years ago. (1st clue) Something kept nudging me to tuck her into the backfile of my brain; for what, I didn’t know. Eight years had passed since that initial acquaintance as, one day in the waiting room of my chiropractor’s office; I found myself flipping through the pages of a health magazine when (2nd clue) an interesting course title caught my eye, and Bethany was the presenter! Without hesitation, or a chance to read the course description, I immediately registered for the course and I have been studying with her for several years now.

As Bethany often teaches, once we tap into the body’s hidden electrical potential, we gain a greater connection with the transcendent light of infinite knowledge and pure love.  We learn to observe the synchronicities in our lives as we play with our infinite nature.

My student-teacher relationship with Bethany Gonyea continues after many years with a bonus of genuine friendship.  We all comment on her uncanny way of reaching out to support us when we need it most!

Thank you, Bethany, for devoting your life of loving guidance to humanity.

Joanne Perrino

Comments about Coherence Training From Teenagers

My experience was very nice and relaxing. While being hooked up to the computer, I was able to relax myself, go to my “happy place,” and keep myself in the right mindset. I enjoyed learning about myself. 

– I thought the coherence thing was really hard to keep the levels steady. It teaches us that breathing and the way you think can have an impact on your heart,

It was interesting. I learned that my green goes higher with my breathing. Also, it seemed if I shook my legs the balloon flew.

It was good. I understands what make me happy when I am sad or whatever. the teacher really nice will like to do it again sometime. 

Today we went on the computer and worked with our coherence and we seen breathing slowly will help with your coherence. 

I learned how to keep my heart rate balanced. 

Today I learned about coherence and controlling your breathing patterns.

It was nice. I enjoyed it. we should do this more often. 

Today I learned that if you keep getting distracted that the green wouldn’t move it’ll just stay or go down, and no I don’t want to do it again.

today learned hot to keep our hart rate down for me it was easy.

I loved the computers because it shows your heart rate, and that is cool. What I can do better is focus on feeling and myself.

I thought the coherence thing was really hard to keep the levels steady. It teaches us that breathing and the way you think can have an impact on your heart.

I learned today how to meditate and make my self happy, and make my heart happy, and calm. I learned today how to made your heart rate to decrease or increase, so as a result, I liked everything I did today and I thank the people that helped to do that, because it is a good thing to learn.

absolutely, definitely

I’m stressed out.

Today we meditated my results were ok my highest screen was 79%.

This was type good I like it.

My experience with the computer was good. It was nice seeing that my tranquility was good. Also, learning about the fight or flight response was very interesting. 

This was very spiritual and peaceful and I was able to get into my zone and thought about what made me happy.

This heart rate thing was cool. It was very interesting to do. It’s help you focus. 

My experience today was amusing and interesting. It helped me learn some of my triggers. 

This was good made me find out what makes me happy and mad learn how to relax the mind and bring your heart rate a certain rate it was very interesting I like it.

I learned to meditate on the computer. I thought it was cool and interesting. 

My first time with the program was very difficult because I could not balance it out. 

I learned hot to get into a better state of mind by focusing on inner pleasures and music. 

My first experience was very interesting and relaxing

in the coherence experience I learned that if you have a positive mind your score will go higher. 

My experience was good and I liked it. I learned how to control your feelings, your heart, rate, and how the positive thoughts has effected, as a results I liked it and I want to do it again. 

In the coherence experience I learned that positive thoughts and feelings can help you have a healthy heart. 


I have learned today is fight or flight. Some part in the brain there is a spot in the brain that controls how you feel in the body.

I thought that learning about coherence today was an interesting experience. I learned that when I think positively it is better for my heart and my mind. 

The computers was very helpful to me. Thank you for donating the computers to us. They have helped me communicate with my inner self. 

Today I learned about meditation and how to stay in a positive place. 

Thanks for letting us use the computers. by doing the exercise I learned that I am most coherent when I focus on myself and focus on positive emotions. 

The heart exercise was a very interesting one. You never get to see how calm you are or how stressed you might be. This exercise has helped me to learn that I want to control my heartbeat better and that this meditation thing is cool. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to do this. 

Thanks for letting us use the computers. I really enjoyed playing games on it use meditating games.

– Well, I learned that how monitor my heart rate. Also, I learn that I off days where I’m and I don’t it and I can’t tell. Lastly, I learn that my nose is stuffy in the morning harder to breath through in this task was more difficult for me.

The more you breathe the more coherent you will be. 

today we legend how to control our hart rate with the computer we played a game I cant it over 88 on the green.

I learned that thinking happy thoughts increases your coherence level. 

Today I learned that I am most coherent when I think of positive things and I am relaxed and breathing steadily. 

I learned that breathing slowly and concentrating can help your coherence.

What I have learned today is that I figured how to relax y breathing. Also, I learned how to manage my stress a little and to focus on me. Another thing I learned from myself is that I can relax when it is quiet and I’m in deep thought.

Comments About Mindfulness As An Alternative To Violence (MASV)

Today I learned that violence is not the answer that there are a lot of ways to solve a problem.

Today I learned more about the people I work with and I learned one agree to the community agreements.

Today we were able to get closer with our inner soul  and our co-workers. We have gone through multiple exercises about focus, teamwork and collaboration. We are learning to communicate more with our fellow workers. 

Today went good. I think it was very different but interesting. I enjoyed it.

Today was an alright day. The start was weird but kind of fun. The next part after that was more interesting. It was fun because we got to learn more about each other and socialize. I don’t know how to make it better than because I thought today was a fine day. I’m excited for the next day to see what comes.

– I learned to respect others and treat the way I would want to be treated. I learned about what other people like and enjoy 

– Today I learned that violence can lead to bad things and you could end up in jail. Another we did is learn or get to know each other

– Today I learned giving your life away to jail and good because you can’t always act a second chance. Also learned how to communicate with others without using Lango..

-Today went good. Got to know others and what there good at. This program was good. Less talking. more activities. we could do over explaining things overall it was great.

– Today I learned more about the people I work with. Also why Bernard and Bethany are here and what they are supposed to be teaching us. And how to talk to the people I work with. 

– I learned today about how you respect other people and how you and about my friends in the community how they act how they behave.

– For example, what they do at home what they do outside the home and you have to respect and love your parents and your brothers and sisters too.

– As a results, respect other people and love your parent, and don’t fight with other people so that you stay safe and so that you don’t go to jail.

– Today we learned some things about alternatives to violence. We also did activities that helped us to get to know each other better.

– It was good help me not to be too shy let me come a little out more. This can help me how to try to help more and help myself more about. 

– Today went ok we learned more about each other. To improve this program there could be less talking. 

– Today was better than the others. It was fun and effective. To improve this, we could be more comfortable with each other.

– The day was awesome. I learned a lot about the people I work with. 

-Today we worked in staff to find out more about each other and how to take care of stress. 

-Today we did a very good job at introducing ourselves and others. This helps everyone be comfortable in others presence. I think everyone did a good job.

– Today I had an interesting day, we talked with each other and told them how we feel and what e life. Also Bethany and the other people helped us release stress

-Today was fun. I got to know a lot of different people. I also learned to meditate. 

-Today I learned that there are different ways to handle a situation other than violence. Something as simple as humor or separation can stop a fight. 

-I learned that what goes on in your room with people stays don’t always run your mouth.